National Tree Week!

So its been a while since i last wrote anything, the tree charter was launched this month and its National Tree week; i'm not sure there would be a better time to get back on the theoretical blogging horse so here i am! Over the last two years The Woodland Trust, grassroot groups and other … Continue reading National Tree Week!


My Favourite Tree

Now I'm thinking about it, the area of which I was born and raised is steeped in alleged paranormal folklore history. The ancient pub where I purchased my 'first official' pint is apparently haunted by the daughter of an old patron; the first 'A road' I drove on after passing my driving test is seemingly … Continue reading My Favourite Tree

Ancient Woodlands Vulnerability Within The Housing White Paper

Ancient British woodland and veteran trees are truly exceptional entities. Mechanically unique in each region of the UK, these century old woodlands have ecologically transformed themselves into biologically diverse powerhouses of scientific and cultural importance. The justly positive sentiments that the thousands of us feel as we physically and emotionally explore these magical places traverses’ generation … Continue reading Ancient Woodlands Vulnerability Within The Housing White Paper